Curriculum development is currently underway with a partnership of Oelwein administrators and faculty in science, math, industrial technology, vocational, and language arts departments. This curriculum group is currently meeting with NICC faculty and faculty from other area high schools. A 3-year curriculum implementation plan for the RAMS facility is in the planning and development stage.
NICC will continue to serve community college students at the RAMS center with a wide range of course work.

Our Mission

Our mission is to excite young people about opportunities in math, science, engineering and technology, to provide state of the art classrooms, and to encourage high school students to enroll in classes where college credits can be earned.

RAMS is an educational facility that strengthens area high schools and serves college and adult learners through courses offered through NICC.

Our Vision

The vision for RAMS includes a rigorous and relevant curriculum in the STEM areas (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). The school will focus on these STEM areas to provide a challenging curriculum for high school and college students and encourage them to achieve at higher levels. Partnering with the regent universities to offer summer or night course work for teacher education is also part of the plan as well as using the RAMS facility as a regional center for gifted and talented programs.

Introduction of RAMS

Rural Iowa needs high schools that can work together to offer students the same opportunities that students in urban parts of the state enjoy. The Regional Acdemy for Math and Science (RAMS) is a concept that will open doors for many northeast Iowa students who are interested in entering these career fields. It developed as a partnership between Northeast Iowa Community College (NICC), the City of Oelwein and Oelwein Economic Development, area school districts, and the Regents Universities. The facility includes two science labs, two computer labs, and ICN room and two traditional classrooms.

Regional Academy for Maths and Science